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Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Join the millions of Americans today who are choosing laser hair removal for their permanent hair loss procedures. Shaving can be such a mundane task that adds up over time and cuts time in your morning routine. Laser hair removal has several benefits including long-term results, being a pain-free and short procedure, and having a lower cost over time when compared to other hair removal options.

Long-Term Results

Americans continue to choose laser hair removal for their preferred permanent hair reduction procedure. This procedure provides long-term results that cannot be achieved through alternate means. The laser treatment in laser hair removal targets the hair follicles to prevent them from growing back after several treatments. After you complete all the necessary treatments, your targeted area can be hair-free for up to 50 years. Now that is a long time being hair free!

hair removal before and after on face

Shorter Procedures

You will not have to wait at our office for hours for this relatively short procedure. Laser hair removal is quick to administer, with most sessions only lasting around 30 minutes. Most of our clients even come in during their lunch breaks and return to their everyday routine right after. There is no excuse as to why you cannot spare 30-minutes in the day for your next laser hair removal session.

Virtually Pain-Free Procedure

Did we mention that laser hair removal is painless for most of our patients? The laser used in the procedure gently runs over your skin leaving you pain-free. Alternative hair removal options like shaving and waxing can be painful with just the wrong pull across your hair.

hair removal before and after pictures on chest and back

Save Money Over Time

Laser hair removal will save you greatly over time once you have completed all the necessary procedures for a treated area. Most laser hair removal treatments cost approximately $3,500 on commonly treated areas such as the legs. While this might seem like a lot of money upfront, it will save you thousands of dollars over time compared to sticking with shaving or waxing.

Multiple Benefits for You

Choosing laser hair removal will get you all of these incredible benefits at your convenience. Contact our office today to set up a consultation and see how our laser hair removal can help you get rid of any unwanted hair today. Dr. Wright and his team of highly trained professionals are standing by today to help you with all your laser hair removal needs.

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