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Laser Hair Removal Cost

For the uninitiated, laser hair removal might seem like an expensive cosmetic procedure that you could never afford. Forget those thoughts: laser hair removal is one of the most affordable procedures for any budget!

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost?

The cost of laser hair removal mostly depends on the size of the area being treated. Smaller areas like the bikini area are cheaper for each session when compared to the back. Smaller treatment areas can cost around $75 to $300 for each session, with larger areas increasing in cost from there. Laser hair removal achieves permanent results after approximately eight sessions. You are able to pay as you go or buy our packages upfront and receive 2 treatments free!

We are much more affordable than national chains

The cost of laser hair removal with us is much less than most of our competitors. Laser Hair Removal St Louis does not inflate its prices to offer deep discounts to seem affordable. We offer straight forward affordable service. We do not use sales consultant or pay for endorsements.

Laser Hair Removal Cost Compared to Shaving

Sure, buying new razor blades for your razor each week might seem cheaper when compared to laser hair removal at first, but the cost quickly adds up. Most individuals will spend up to tens of thousands of dollars in their lifetime purchasing new razor blades for shaving. The total cost of every session in your laser hair removal treatment will pale in comparison at an average of $3,500. Would you rather pay $3,500 or $30,000 for a lifetime of hair removal?

hair removal before and after on upper lip and armpits

Choosing Laser Hair Removal St Louis

The winner is clear: laser hair removal will save you tens of thousands of dollars in your lifetime to achieve permanent results. Put the razor away and contact Laser Hair Removal St Louis to find out how you can start benefiting from this incredible procedure. Making sure you feel confident about the costs of this life-changing procedure is one of the most important steps. Call for your consultation today to see how you can afford laser hair removal.

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