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Laser Hair Removal Versus Alternatives

Laser hair removal has many benefits over alternative treatments, which should help you make the right decision. Here is how this incredible procedure stacks up to alternate treatment options that are also currently available.

Waxing, Tweezing or Plucking

These are the most common forms of hair removal. Unfortunately, these methods are sometimes needed to be done daily, weekly or monthly and can be quite painful without no lasting results. The cost of these can add up significantly over a lifetime but compared to laser hair removal you will have a lifetime of results after you finish your treatments.

hair removal before and after on neck and leg


Another alternative hair removal treatment that is popular across seas is called threading. This procedure has technicians use a piece of thread to remove hair individually or in a row. Threading is more commonly used on the eyebrows due to its accuracy and is unable to treat large areas at once in a short time. Laser hair removal can target large treatment options and be much shorter than threading sessions. A threading session may be cheap when compared to laser hair removal but it does not permanently remove the hair that will just grow back again.

hair removal before and after on chest and neck


The third and final alternative option for alternative hair removal treatment is electrolysis. This procedure uses a tiny needle to deliver radio frequency to hair follicles and destroy them. Unlike the other listed treatments, electrolysis is considered to be a permanent hair removal treatment. However, unlike laser hair removal, electrolysis can be much more painful to receive and might require a mild anesthetic to make sure the patient is comfortable. Prices may be similar between both procedures but electrolysis has more restrictions on who can benefit from it.

Choose Laser Hair Removal

The facts do not lie: laser hair removal is the superior hair removal procedure out there on the market. Each session quick and easy and leads to the permanent results you are looking for. Contact our office for a consultation on why laser hair removal is perfect for you.

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